Documentary Dives Into World of Sustainable Shrimp Farming (Video)

This year, Pace University's award-winning "Producing the Documentary" class turned its sights on sustainable shrimp farming. Production for the 15-minute film, "Linda Thornton: Seeking Sustainability One Shrimp At A Time", was aided by NY Times climate writer Andrew Revkin, who's also the Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding at the Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Studies. The doc focuses on how the entrepreneurial Thorton managed to overcome devastating adversity in order to kick start some of the most successful shrimp farms in Belize. She's now recognized as a leader in ecologically friendly shrimp farming, and continues to guide the industry into ever more sustainable waters. It's a nice little film, and packs a hell of a wallop during its scant running time. Enjoy. For more information about the student filmmakers behind the documentary, head over to their blog at Sustainable Shrimp.

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