Do you watch TV? (Survey)

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Reading Katherine's post 12 ways to curb your TV addiction I wondered, is TV still a thing? I haven't had one for years, and even more normal people like tech analyst Chris Umiastowski writes in the Globe and Mail that Netflix killed the cable star: " It’s so good that we have no cable subscription; we no longer rent movies and are swamped with great TV series that we have to choose between." What appears to matter is no longer TV time, it's screen time.

In fact, in 2013 adults spent more time on the little screens than the big ones. As for cable TV use in America,

Jim Edwards writes in Business Insider:

We're at the beginning of a major historical shift from watching TV to watching video — including TV shows and movies — on the internet or on mobile devices.

Katherine makes some very good suggestions for dealing with a TV addiction, but I wonder if most of them are relevant anymore when you have a computer screen in your pants. I have asked a version of this question about every two years, and here it is again:

Do you watch TV? (Survey)
What we watch and how much we watch is changing. It TV really still a thing?

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