Do We All Hate the Natural World? Derek Jensen on Destruction (Video)

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Derek Jensen already wowed Jenna Watson with his high-speed philosophizing on everything from Star Wars to civil disobedience, and his book A Language Older Than Words has introduced many people to the concept of inter-species communication, and the notion that our current relationship with the Earth is based on violence. Here he sits down with Peak Moment TV to discuss the parallels between our current destructive economy and culture, and past horrors like slavery or myths of racial superiority.

I've noted before that the stories we tell ourselves matter, and in talking with folks like author Steven Kotler about the co-evolution of dogs and humans I've had my own human-centric worldview challenged many times over. This talk between Janaia Donaldson and Derek Jensen had a similarly profound impact, pointing out that it is almost offensive to talk yet again about whether or not other species can communicate "like humans" is almost like discussing whether blonds can think, or whether or not slavery can be justified on racial grounds.

The problem, argues Jensen, is not "can non-humans speak or not", but rather "why do only some of us listen." It's well worth taking the time to watch this video. As I write this, and look out the window at the forest that surrounds me, I'm asking myself what it is I am actually seeing. Firewood or forest? Lumber or home?

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