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You may feel the pressure, know that it's getting down to the wire to get that perfect Father's Day gift and get it sent, or maybe you didn't even realize that this sunday is Father's Day. Not to worry, the gang over at MAKE has several tips for the perfect do-it-yourself Father's Day gift. From how to make pocket knives to how to brew your own beer for that Father's Day cookout, this list runs the gamut. To top it off, you could even purchase all of the supplies, and then hang out with dad on Sunday, building and bonding together. Other typical Father's Day gifts that you can make instead this year include: wallets, cufflinks, neckties and even a roundup of solar oven cookers. Admittedly some of the tips just involve going out and purchasing stuff, but the majority are cool ways to make gear and gadgets for dad. Don't worry if your dad doesn't fall into the typical gift trap, we have several do it yourself gift ideas below that will get your creative juices flowing.

Make magazine is an online source for making all sorts of gear and gadgets from making your own composting bins to electricity monitors, to light boxes and something called Blubber Bots, "robotic inflatables that navigate autonomously and intelligently." Their current issue is titled ReMake America! and is dedicated to the idea of everyone getting down and dirty to make this planet a better place while also improving the country. You can find the 'zine on newsstands and online complete with step by step videos and images. :Make Zine
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