You Do Need to Help a Documentary Called "Do I Need This?"

"Do I Need This?"

It should be the first question you ponder, not ask, but actually ponder before you make any purchase. The amount of pondering may be short for some items and longer for others—longer for those items with greater eco-impact and those which you already have, perhaps—but pondering needs to be the order of the day.

It may be the antithesis to our dominant Just Buy It culture—full purchase ahead and damn the consequences—and it's one of the central questions of creating a socially and environmentally just world.

But I pontificate...

We get a ton of requests to help publicize a Kickstarter push for a project, so many in fact that I've had a near blanket policy of not writing about any of them. Some days my entire working hours could be consumed writing up projects worthy of your crowd-sourced money.

Today I'll violate that rule: Do I Need This is a new film "about consumerism, excess, and what we really need in life" by Emmy-winning filmmaker Kate Schermerhorn.

Kate is trying to raise $10,000 and with 17 days to go, the project needs just under $3000 more, at the time of this writing.

From the project description:

Do I Need This examines our culture’s excessive, often questionable acquisition of possessions and asks the viewer to stop and examine what they buy and whether they actually need what they are purchasing - does your newborn really need that baby wipe warmer? Does your dog need another overpriced squeaky you need that hot dog cooker you found in the Sky Mall catalog...will that uncomfortable pair of new shoes be a good idea simply because they were on sale?

Using humor, quirky and engaging characters, and no preaching, Do I Need This pushes viewers to think beyond today, beyond the instant gratification of walking away with a shopping bag or carload of stuff and to look at the impacts of our endless world of purchases, on ourselves as well as on our planet. The film will engage viewers who may not view themselves as environmentalists but can still make a world of difference with changes to their buying habits.

Truth be told, I've never seen any of Kate's films and have just watched the trailer. But just on subject matter alone, it's a worthy effort to contribute to.

Check it out: Kickstarter: Do I Need This?

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