DIY: Make An iPhone Case From A Milk Jug

Final iPhone Case From Milk Jug Photo

Image via: DIY iPhone Case

Thanks to Tipster Victor for sharing his self-designed schematic for the "McGuyver's iPhone Holster" - an iPhone case made from a regular, plastic milk jug. We've covered the importance of using cases to extend the life of your gadgets, and even cases made from recycled materials, but this website shows you how you can make your own case yourself out of materials you have around your home - a milk jug and a few brass brads.

Template for Milk Jug iPhone Case Photo

Why a milk jug you may ask? Well Victor explains that the plastic is pliable enough to work with, durable enough to hold its structure and yet soft enough that it won't scratch your phone. He gives handy tips like using #9 rubber bands (who knew rubber bands had numbers?) and even using your Bedazzler instead of brass brads if you want to add a little pizazz to your holster. Look for the video explanation of this DIY project on the website soon. :McGuyver's iPhone Holster
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