DIY Eco-tech Update


If this 16-year old inventor had known about our DIY Eco-tech contest , he may have just skipped the science fair. By attaching his hamster's wheel to a generator, he is able to charge his cell phone off the grid. If only he would have submitted it to us instead, he would have had a chance at the new prize package for our contest thanks to our friends at MAKE Magazine. Now, not only will the winner receive a new $230 backpack from Voltaic Systems, but also a 2 year subscription to MAKE magazine and a limited edition MAKE T-shirt. In light of this, we have decided to extend the deadline for the contest from Sept. 7th to Sept. 15th in order to make sure that we get everyone's entries. So if you have made/hacked a technology to make it more eco-friendly and you would like a shot at the Voltaic Systems backpack and the Make magazine package, let us know: contest [at] treehugger [dot] com. You have until September 15th.