DIY Bamboo and Corn Surfboards from Greenlight


When we recently released our How to Green your Outdoor Sports we noted that making your own gear was one such way to achieve this. We included a few examples like making a surfboard carrier for your bike, but neglect to mention crafting the whole board. But Greenlight Surfboard Supply reckon its pretty easy and can be eco-cool as well. They’ll ship you all you need. From EPS foam halves (less stinky VOCs than polyurethane), laminated bamboo stringers, a stretch bamboo glassing fabric, an ‘echohesive’ glue, a corn starch bio-plastic leash plug for the braided hemp leash. Oh and a video showing how it all comes together in your garage. Impressive huh? Well they go further. The reclaim about 85% of the bamboo dust from making the stringers and offer it as an epoxy thicker, in would you believe it a little plastic tub made from the byproduct of sugar cane processing. If you don’t need the whole kit you can buy most components independently. While an eco solution to epoxy currently remains elusive, they defer to Resin Research, who at least are phenol and formaldehyde-free. Greenlight also buy a portion of their electricity usage from a wind power green energy program. Scrap EPS is taken to a recycling centre, and they co-ordinate shipping to save what they figure to be 80 gallons of fuel each months. We think that all sounds very thorough and shows much dedication to the green goal. ::Greenlight Surfboard Supply, via Surf magazineNMOcean
is a little water-loving blog, which recently examined the various claims about sustainability in surfboard construction. Worth checking out.