Dispatches from Butte Ranch: Doug Fine's Bold Experiment in Sustainable Living

Nobody said living off the land would be easy - least of all environmental auteur and longtime NPR contributor Doug Fine. This brave soul, though no stranger to rough living (the adventure and investigative journalist has spent his freelance career trekking all over the world), vowed to consume as little gas as possible - hence, the title of his latest book, Farewell, My Subaru - grow most of his own food and only rely on solar energy to power his few gadgets.All this, despite his self-professed near total lack of mechanical or agricultural abilities - and his deep attachment to his treasured Subaru. The good people at Boing Boing have a great webisode featuring Fine recounting his experiences in green living - the good, the bad and the (very) ugly. Well worth a look especially if you're considering reducing your material dependence; his blog also chronicles his day-to-day life on Butte Ranch, though not nearly as regularly as we'd like to see.

Via ::Boing Boing TV: Farewell, My Subaru (blog)

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