DisneyNature Makes Good on Tree Planting Idea by Partnering With Nature Conservancy


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Yeah, I know - another DisneyNature thing in the same day? But this news item is worth noting since we discussed the issue back in March. DisneyNature had a plan to plant a tree for each person who bought a ticket to their Earth movie. We pointed out that it's a great idea, but we need proof positive that the tree planting is really happening, and where they said it was happening, before we could be comfortable with the marketing ploy. Well, they've partnered up with heavy hitter Nature Conservancy to make good on their promise. Yesterday, DisneyNature representatives let us know that The Nature Conservancy signed a contract with Disney, signaling a commitment to plant 2.7 million trees in Brazil's Atlantic Forest in honor of each filmgoer who saw Disneynature's "Earth" during its opening week. That's a lot of trees, and from a trusted organization who is committed to planting a whole lot more.

Through its campaign to Plant a Billion Trees, The Nature Conservancy, one of the world's leading international conservation organizations and its local partners are working to reforest 2.5 million acres of land and re-connect more than 12 million acres in Brazil's Atlantic Forest, one of the planet's most endangered and ecologically significant rainforests. This restoration effort will allow hundreds of plants and animals to re-colonize their former habitats and will protect vital watersheds.

"Disney has created a spectacular portrait of our planet with Disneynature's 'EARTH' and demonstrated their commitment to the planet by supporting our ambitious, large-scale reforestation effort to restore and preserve the magnificent Atlantic Forest," said Mark Tercek, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy. "We applaud Disney for their contribution to our effort to plant and restore one billion trees by 2015 in the Atlantic Forest, a global conservation priority area of rich biodiversity."

The Atlantic Forest is getting attention it desperately needs. It is home to 60% of all of Brazil's endangered species. More than 450 tree species have been identified in a tiny 2.5 acre plot. It provides clean drinking water to over 120 million people. Only 7% of the original forest remains, and the replanting effort will help further protect these preserved areas.

So a big thumbs up to DisneyNature for following up on their marketing strategy by teaming up with The Nature Conservancy. We're pretty excited to see the positive results from 2.7 million more trees in the ground.

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