DisneyNature Follows Up Earth Movie with Oceans Movie (Video)

disneynature oceans movie image

Images via DisneyNature video trailer
Earth Day 2009 saw a big push from DisneyNature for its Earth movie. Next year, the oceans will get a little loving on Earth Day. DisneyNature has released a trailer for Oceans, which is slated to open on Earth Day 2010. Click through to watch the trailer.Heads up - If you want to get straight to the point, skip to the 42 second mark...everything before that is just fluff for Disney and the Earth Movie.

The film is directed by Jacques Perrin and highlights the fact that the majority of the earth is covered in oceans whose health dramatically effects our own...so we'd darn well better appreciate it.

It looks like it could be an amazing visual experience, and if launching on Earth Day, hopefully a key component of getting people to be advocates for the oceans.

Via Ecorazzi and SlashFilm
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