Disney's Green Teens: BFFs For Change


Miley, Demi, Selena, and Jonas Bros. sing eco-song, "Send It On." Photos courtesy of The Disney Company

An anthemic teen tune with an environmental message, "Send It On," is zipping up the iTunes' chart since its release yesterday and suddenly the melody is the top-selling ringtone, too. Tween and teen fans of Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers may love their "We Are the World"-esque chant, but how do the kids respond to the cause? In case you doubted the power of the youthful demographic, what other eco-song has become a pop hit (since the 1970s)?

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"Friends for Change" on recycled denim sofa.

Many eco-minded musicians have attempted greenish songs, from Neil Young's "Fork in the Road" to Madonna's "Hey You" for Live Earth with rather questionable results. Even Miley did her own green ditty and also drives a Prius (with Hello Kitty mats). Lots of kids are involved in green causes, but with Disney's green machine behind the effort, let's see if they all "Send It On."

So far, the single was headed to #5, so maybe this collaboration with fellow Disney stars Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and the Jonas boys will shove Miley's "Party in the USA" off the #1 spot when the video air Friday, August 14.

Though the references in the lyrics to the environment seem fairly oblique, the song is all part of Disney's "Friends for Change: Project Green" initiative online which gets kids involved in reducing their carbon footprint. Plus 100% of the proceeds from iTunes' sales will benefit environmental causes through its Worldwide Conservation Fund.

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More than 350,000 kids have taken the green pledge and if they follow-through on all their promises to recycle, reuse, unplug, bicycle etc., it adds up to a potential of removing 38 million pounds of CO2. Not bad since May. The kids' campaign also rustled up $1 million with their votes going to fave eco-charities. Not surprisingly, polar bears came in first, yet deforestation issues around the world will get the lion's share of the funds.:

• $100,000 to protect arctic wildlife from the effects of climate change (to be implemented by Wildlife Conservation Society)
• $50,000 to the Children's Forest in LA, where kids plant new trees with the San Bernardino National Forest Association
• $50,000 for protecting endangered tropical forests in the Philippines (c/o Birdlife International and Haribon)
• $25,000 to end deforestation and bring fuel-efficient stoves to habitats in Rwanda (through CHF International)
• $25,000 helps end deforestation in Central Mexico's Oyamel forest by ECOLIFE Foundation
• $10,000 replants trees in wildfire-damaged Florida state forests by the Arbor Day Foundation

Perhaps this "one little action" will start "the chain reaction" across shopping malls and hall lockers stuffed with green school supplies, as kids sing along: "If we take the chances/to change circumstances " It's an affirmative statement about the "power in all of the choices we make" and to imagine all they can do. A behind-the-scenes special about the campaign, "Lights, Camera, Take Action!," airs on Disney August 28. Pssstt, send it on to your fave tween.

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Disney's Green Teens: BFFs For Change
An anthemic teen tune with an environmental message, "Send It On," is zipping up the iTunes' chart since its release yesterday and suddenly

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