Discuss: When Bees Are Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Have Bees


Image Credit: Indigo Goat
dballisonnyc informs us that it is illegal within the city limits of NYC to keep bees:

It sounds like dozens of people are risking huge fines for the privelige though. Neighbors are bought off with jars of honey and the city benefits. Wish that was true whenever someone broke the law.

Gotham City Honey Co-op is working to change that:

...you can see that even the White House now has a beehive to pollinate their garden...If the Department of Homeland Security, the Secret Service, and the US Park Police can all agree that honey bees pose no threat to the occupants of the best-protected residence in the country, perhaps New York City can agree.

There's a good discussion and a petition going on. Drop in and show your support.

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