Discovery and 3M Announce America's Next Top Young Scientist!

When Melissa Ray of Chesterfield, Missouri took home the title this week of America’s Top Young Scientist at the 3M/Discovery Young Scientist Challenge along with her $50,000 prize she joined an elite group of middle school science enthusiasts over the past decade that have proven themselves worthy of the honor.Of course, there’s always a theme and this year was no exception. Focusing on the science of space, and how various forces and technologies interact both here on earth and up in space.

This year’s event was held at the Goddard Space Flight Center just outside of Washington, D.C., where students and a small but elite group of teachers had the chance to interact with astronaut Paul Richards as well as NASA’s Chief Scientist, Dr. James Garvin while seeing first hand how spacecraft are made and tested.

And this year also saw teacher Ed Evans take home the first title of America’s Top Science Teacher of the Year with a strong showing on a variety of challenges, particularly when he stepped up to the plate inside NASA studios and knocked ‘em dead with a terrific 2 minute lesson on total internal reflectivity.

Congrats to all involved, and we look forward to seeing who takes home these honors next year!

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