Digital Textbooks from Zinio

Normally we’d be suggesting that textbooks would be best, if obtained secondhand or simply borrowed from the library. But Zinio and McGraw-Hill Publishers are confusing the issue somewhat. They’ve teamed up to offer totally digital, treefree textbooks, which they sell for about 50% the cost of paper versions. By using the Zinio Reader, like Adobe’s Acrobat Reader, you can search the entire contents, click on links for external information, make notations and use a highlighter pen (don’t try that with library books!) which is also searchable, so you can mark up pertinent research for your essay or paper. Although Zinio offer a page flip feature to make it seem you are digesting a paper book, reading long tracts of text on screen is still hard on the eyes. Tipster John C. reckons his student mates like 'em though -- mind you, he does work for Zinio. Still, we do appreciate the cost savings aspect. (Flash style demo here.) And, of course, we do get excited about all those trees left standing, ready for a hug. (Assuming we avoid thinking about the resources used in computer production, that is). ::Zinio Textbooks