Dictionary of Sustainable Management


Ever wondered what a negawatt was? Does your skins get all itchy at the mention of mips? Never known why a keystone species was important? Wrinkle your brow at the thought of reverse logistics? Frown no more. These, and 262 other such terms bandied about by the sustainability movement, have been neatly assembled into a searchable dictionary. Aimed at business leaders and students, the project is a labour of love created by MBA students at Presidio School of Management who will graduate in June 2006. They were ably assisted by Nick Aster, (who just can’t say ‘No’, having laid the groundwork for TreeHugger, while also running his own blog TriplePundit.) Speaking of things coming in threes. You may have heard of the Triple Bottom Line, but has Triple Top Line crossed your radar? ::Dictionary of Sustainable Management.