DH Love Life Films Edible Estates, Green Living goes to the Carnival, Worldchanging gets Graphic, and More


DH Love Life: Edible Estates by Daryl Hannah
Daryl meets Fritz Haeg to talk about turning front lawns into edible landscapes. This DH Love Life episode coincides nicely with the arrival of the new vegetable patch on the White House lawn.Green Guys Global: Book Review: The Transition Timeline by
"Clearly laid out, simple to understand and full of visuals. This book is revolves around the theme of peak oil and its wide ranging impacts. Part handbook and part summary of the scary climate predicament we find ourselves in - The Transition Timeline is designed to be a manual for change."

Green Living: Carnival of the Green #175
"A regime change here at Green Living nearly derailed this week’s Carnival of the Green, but we got things sorted out and we’re thrilled it has touched down in Canada."

Sustainablog: Another Season of The Green, Another Gift Bag to Give Away by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg
"As you might guess, the timing of my new gig with the Sundance Channel’s blogging team wasn’t accidental… a new season of Tuesday night The Green programming is about to launch. While I’ll be really careful about letting my two blogging roles overlap, I did take Sundance up on an offer they made to us (and other bloggers) last year:..."

Worldchanging: Graphic Series: Earthly Ideas, 20-Minute Neighborhoods by Andy Lubershane
"This week's cartoon describes 20-Minute Neighborhoods. This term for walkable communities, which has often been used by urban planners, gained a lot of attention in Oregon last summer as city officials discussed the next version of the Portland Plan."

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