DFTB Reminds Us: Don't Forget the Bag!

dont forget the bag

Image via Orianna Helms.

You head off to the local market with your grocery list in hand...and then you get there and realize you forgot your bags reusable bags! It's happened to all of us and darn, isn't it so frustrating? Not to mention that so many stores give us money back now if we bring our reusable bags. It would be so much easier if we had a little reminder as we walked out the door, which is exactly why we need these cute DFTB tags.Made from recycled wrapping paper and double-sided with the letters DFTB (Don't Forget the Bag), these tags come in a few different sizes to make it convenient for us to hang from anywhere. Hang one in the spot that will help you the most to remember the reusable bags you have specifically purchased for the grocery store. And what's better, they cost just $2! Talk about a perfect gift.

The rearview mirror, door knob, purse, keys - where is the best spot for you to hang your tag so you DFTB? Purchase them on Etsy.

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