DeSmog Blog, Grist and WorldChanging on Obama Victory, Ooffoo Online Community, and More

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DeSmog Blog: Canada to seek climate change deal with President-elect Obama by Kevin Grandia
"One day after the United States voted Barack Obama as their next president, Canadian government officials are saying that the time is ripe for a continent-wide solution to global warming. Sounds good, but unfortunately there are some major gaps between what Canada is proposing and the much more aggressive plan out in Obama's election platform." Grist: Going Up? Environmental leaders offer their elevator pitches for Obama by Grist
"We asked a number of leaders in environment and sustainability issues to imagine they found themselves in an elevator with the president-elect -- giving them one minute of his undivided attention. Here are their messages to Obama about how he should approach environment, energy, and climate policy."

Go Green Online: Room by Room
"An easy way to make changes is to take them one room at a time. Go at your own pace, and slowly change habits in 5 key areas (energy, water, waste, transportation and food). For example, if you start with the bathroom, just go step by step through water savings, product decisions, and energy savings tips only for application in the bathroom."

Ooffoo: New Online Community from The Natural Collection
"'ooffoo' itself is the html code for the colour green (well, technically, the code is actually 00FF00) and we love the idea that we can create a community space on the internet where, whatever it is, without hassle and pressure or guilt, ooffoo can help us tint it green!"

WorldChanging: Obama: the Post-Environmental President by Adam Stein
"There’s been a bit of chatter in recent weeks about whether an Obama victory would truly be as transformative as many progressives hope and expect. Some have quietly suggested that nothing in Obama’s record, temperament, or platform should make us expect dramatic gestures."

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