'Designing a Sustainable Future' Student Contest

student-comp.jpgIf your student card is still valid, and you can rustle up an ecodesign project in time to submit it to Belgium before 1 March 2006, you could be in the running for the first prize of €2,500 ($3,000 USD). The brief: "combine high-quality design with a distinct contribution to the goal of sustainable need-fulfilment. Priority value is assigned to environmental, economical and social benefits throughout the life cycle of the proposed design." The project must be no more than 3 years old and can be submited by an individual student or student team, having been undertaken in the context of a Bachelor degree or Master studies. More info, including a useful list of resources and the judging criteria, can be found on the website. Part of the criteria is the usual environmental essentials, like using benign materials and minimising energy use, but what we particularly appreciated was the emphasis on social issues too. Points such as: encourage community, treat all people fairly, provide essential services and protect the mental well-being and physical health of all people involved. What a breath of fresh air to see those attributes in a design contest. Woo Hoo! ::Designing a Sustainable Future via Dexigner.


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