Design Your Own Transformer Furniture For LifeEdited


TreeHugger founder Graham Hill is trying to radically reduce his footprint and live happily with less space, less stuff and less waste on less money, but with more design. He calls it "LifeEdited."

I have been having so much fun with LifeEdited,, trying out all the ideas I have been thinking about for years, getting my old mad Sketchup skilz back, designing again. Here is a riff on Yen Ha and Michi Yanagishita's pullout bed/ raised platform that we showed a few years ago, with a twist.


In addition to the raised platform there is a bench with cushions.


But Graham wants to have dinner parties for sixteen. So the bench is designed on sliders, and pulls forward.


The bench, when pulled out is at table height to the lower floor; the upper floor is at chair height. Move the cushions to the floor, bring out the folding chairs (stored under the raised floor) and party.


When you are done, push back the table and pull out the bed.

Everyone can play this game. Sign up at the LifeEdited Jovoto Platform. Unlike me, you can win prizes and get your stuff built. I have built a very basic sketchup model you can download here for anyone to use, or you can see plans and photos of the space here.

Lots more at LifeEdited

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