Design For A Sea Change — Reusing Ghost Nets


Previously we mentioned a way you could volunteer on-the-ground to help the Dhimmuru indigenous Sea Rangers to rid their beaches in Australia’s Gulf of Carpenteria, from the scourge of Ghost Nets. These are the discarded nets, that often illegal fishing vessels abandon overboard, which continue to kill and maim marine life. One such net was found weighing as much as 5 tonnes, measuring about 4 km (2.5 mile) in length, with a drop of 12m (13 yd). Of course it was a stretch to think that many of our readers would actually end up on the remote tropical north coast of Australia. But knowing you still cared, we can now offer you a way to help from a distance. Come up with a product design to reuse these killer nets, for local indigenous communities around the Gulf to manufacture locally and on-sell. First Prize for the winning design is a trip to Groote Eyland, with the Dhimmuru rangers, learning about aboriginal culture and bush tucker. But to be in it to win it, you’ll need to get your thinking cap on. Entries close 14 July 2006. Get all the info, including contact details for net samples from the PDF entry on the website of ::The Carpentaria Ghost Nets Programme. Tip from Trash Bags, who we’ll tell you about soon.