Design Boom's Living Simplicity in Furniture Design Competition


Inspired by Jasmin's recent post on the Asics Fill The Box design competition, we think it's great idea to let you know about competitions which, as Jasmin said, don't "have an ostensibly green angle", but which we think you can bring your own eco-sensibilities to. One that has recently landed in that catagory is the Premio Vico Magistretti, just launched by Design Boom in collaboration with Italian design company DePadova. The design award is named after the famous Italian designer Vico Magistretti who passed away last year. DePadova say that this competition is an invitation to develop a project in the spirit of his work. He said, 'simplicity is an essential quality of good design and it is one of the most complicated things in life, because you have to take away, take is the start from a precise executive and functional concept, and the designer should be able to explain over the phone why his object is designed in a certain way and how it ought to be made - so simple that it endows the object with a distinctive character.'We think Magistretti's design philosophy is deeply connected to concepts of eco-design and that there are many way in which enviromentally aware designs can embody ideas of 'living simplicity'. This is a big competition with large prizes, the top 3 winners receive 3000, 2000 and 1000 euros, respectively. There is also a very prestigious judging panel including British architect, Norman Foster and Italian designer, Patricia Urquiola. We think it would be fantastic if an eco-friendly design won a prize in this high profile competition - so get your furniture design brains on people! Deadline for registration is June 25th 2007, deadline for entries is June 30th 2007. ::Design Boom ::DePadova

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