Derrick Jensen Speaks in Toronto

A quick heads-up for all of our Toronto-area readers that wish to brave the snowstorm this evening at 7pm, Derrick Jensen will be gracing us with a talk entitled "Private Despair to Public Action." Sponsored by Environmental Justice Organizing Initiative, Phoenix Community Works Foundation and Sustainability Network the talk by the activist, author, small farmer, philosopher and teacher will be held at the Church of the Holy Trinity (10 Trinity Square). From the flyer:

Derrick Jensens asks the question "Do you believe this culture will undergo a voluntary transformation to a sane and sustainable way of living?" No one has ever answered 'yes.' What would happen if we listened to such feelings of despair? Could they tell us what we're doing isn't working and so we should try something else? What is that different strategy?

Via: Visit Derrick Jensen's website here. See you tonight! Image copyright Derrick Jensen's Endgame - published 2006 by Seven Stories Press.

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