Denise Richards and Her 'Natural' Fake Bake Tan

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Tanned skin, once reserved for farmers and outdoor workers, then for the rich who wintered in warm places, is now available to us all through the wonder of self-tanning products. But self-tanners used to turn people a frightening shade of dirty orange. Then they got banned in Europe if they had nanoparticles and scared us with their harmful parabens. Technology has lent its wonders to self-tanners, however. We can Fake Bake with minimal orange and no parabens. That doesn't mean, of course, that we will resemble Denise Richards in any other way.Fake Bake in the privacy of your own home
For one thing, Denise gets a special mobile crew that comes to her house once a week to touch up her glowing tan. Nope, doubt we'll be doing that any time soon. But Fake Bake is available in a version called Air Brush which is the closest in formula to what Denise gets sprayed all over her.

Second, you probably won't have any groomers, make-up people or wardrobe experts to help you set off your Fake Bake tan to best advantage. However, just like Denise, you can rest assured that Fake Bake's products are free of the preservative parabens you've probably heard about have been linked to weight gain and breast cancer.

According to Fake Bake, Air Brush is a combination of DHA and Erythrulose, and it is that combination that keeps the color less orange and won't give you those little brown pore spots. DHA, or dihydroxyacetone, is generally derived from sugar cane or sugar beets (non necessarily GMO-free). The Environmental Working Group gives DHA a 2-5 for low or moderate hazard in its Skin Deep database. Erythrulose gets a 0, a very good score indeed. Fake Bake's products don't fare as well in the EWG Skin Deep database, mostly, it seems, because its older listings still show the products with parabens.

The company says Air Brush is good for those "hard to reach places." Denise Richards likes the Fake Bake 'natural' tan so much, she told the company she will show herself getting her fake tan on an installment of her reality show. Can't wait for that.

Fake Bake does sell itself partially using the tactic that tanning in the sun is harmful. However the sun is, of course, also a great source of Vitamin D production - a nutrient numerous Americans are thought to be deficient in. Maybe just make your own suntan lotion? Via: Fake Bake
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