Demi - Guide to Design for Sustainability


From one treehugger to another it always gives great pleasure to be able to inform people of other people’s hard work in the field of ecological and sustainable design. As Treehugger has been finding out, there is a great demand out there for information and education on these subjects and whilst more and more people are providing information sources it is still not always easy to find what you need. So I am happy to be able to introduce, a website providing a wide range of information on design for sustainability. It works in six sectors, Demi principles, Design for sustainability, Environmental Issues, Gallery, Materials and Products, Sustainability concepts. We think it has a good balance between the theoretical and practical sides of eco-design. It works well for those who are relatively new to the subject, outlining principles, issues and concepts, but it also goes deeper for the already initiated and those who are researching specifics like materials. Demi was originally developed by researchers at Goldsmiths College in London for the UK Higher Education design community. Several British Universities have piloted Demi specifically as a tool for teaching sustainability. But we think that its successful outcome clearly appeals to a wider audience and as it says on the website ‘Demi is relevant to all’ [Leonora & Petz]