Demi and Ashton's Green Project, Miley Cyrus' Eco-song,Dave Matthew's Green Concerts, and More

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Unlike some "green grand-standing celebs", Demi and Ashton keep their do-good work low-key. According to ecorazzi, the power couple quietly slipped off to Guatemala to help build houses for Habitat for Humanity. The charity group is supporing the countries' indigenous organic farmers. ...And these two did seroius hands-on labor. "Demi and Ashton were actually building houses with tin roofs and schlepping breeze blocks in the midday sun. Ashton's father is carpenter so he has some experiences," reports a British media source.
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The teen phenom wants her generation to 'wake-up' and do their part for a greener future. Cyrus, who got slammed for her provocative Vanity Fair photos, now hopes to spread an inspiring eco-message to young people in her new song, "Wake up America." Miley told me, "It's the kids who are driving this earth. It's up to our generation to be eco-conscious and make sure we can pass down a healthy planet to our kids."

Dave Matthew's Green Music Festivals:

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...Dave Matthews wants his concerts venues green. The singer and his band, who were the first to get biodiesel buses, are now dedicated to lowering music festival's ugly carbon footprints (think mounds of beer bottles and paper plates). The band recently played at Michigan's Rothbury festival, which set up composts throughout the site. And at Denver's Mile High Festival, concert-goers who carpooled (four or more people) were entered to win VIP passes. Plus, at all their gigs, folks who throw their trash into assigned recycling bins are eligible to win an upgrade to a first row seat.
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Victoria's Secret Green Model:
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Green is sexy and everywhere behind-the-scenes of Victoria's Secret's recent shoot with supermodel Adriana Lima. The crew, who were shooting the companies' Miracle bra ad in the hundred degree heat out in Long Island, New York, made sure to keep their water bottle count down. Signs were posted everywhere, reminding folks to limit themselves to one bottle and refill. ...It's a small step, but at least it's out there and reminding people to act eco-smart.

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