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So you think you can tell a good tall tale? Got a great story about that one time in Denali when you were woken up by a chipmunk in a tree repeatedly throwing acorns onto your tent and laughing wickedly while he mercilessly woke you up at 5am? (I'm looking in your direction, Chester!). Well, Defenders of Wildlife is looking for a few good nature stories and if yours is chosen you'll earn $1,000 at REI. (Maybe to buy an acorn-deflecting tent cover).

Defenders of Wildlife is hosting the competition to garner support for wild places from the people who use them.

"We want to hear why America's wildlife and public lands are important to the people who use them most," says Marcia Lesky, director of national outreach at Defenders of Wildlife. "Whether you're a hiker, climber, kayaker, hunter, angler, birder or outdoor photographer, whatever motivates you to explore our nation's wild places, we want to hear about it."

Entries can be submitted to Your Lands, Your Wildlife until November 30, 2008 in the following categories: hunting; fishing; birding; wildlife watching and photography; and backcountry adventure. Prizes will also be given to the top five stories submitted and will be awarded January 2009.

So the next time you're sitting around with your buddies telling tall tales, or when you're going for a solo hike take a notepad with you and pause for a moment to write down the awe that you are feeling in that place. It just might land you some free swag for your next outdoorsy trip.

::Your Lands, Your Wildlife Contest

Correction: Defenders of Wildlife is not partnering with the BLM on this contest.

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