Deconstructing Wired Magazine's June Cover Story on the Environment

Wired Magazine and EcoGeek blog image

Our friend Hank over at Ecogeek has done a bit of deconstruction on Wired Magazine's June cover story (which isn't online yet). We haven't got our hands on it yet, but from what we can deduce, it seems like one of those contrarian "everything you thought was true isn't!" pieces with a few nuggets of truth.

They seem to fail to keep things in perspective and see the big picture (f.ex. they suggest cutting down the last few pristine ecosystems in the US to maybe reduce carbon emissions a tiny bit), and they seem to think that global warming is the only problem we are faced with. We're all for more mainstream coverage of green issues, but trying to be too clever can be counter-productive. ::WIRED's Call to Environmentalists: True or False

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