Declaring our love for the Best Green Valentines Around the Blogosphere

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Love is the air as Valentine's Day approaches this weekend. And while we regularly show our appreciation for all the other amazing green bloggers out there on TH Blog Love, at this time of year it seems even more appropriate to declare our feelings! Over on Planet Green we want to see if you feel the same with Sara Novak's Green Valentine's Quiz and here on TreeHugger we've quickened pulses with Emma Grady's 10 Sexy & Sustainable Lingerie Options for Valentine's Day. Let's embrace the blogosphere to find some more great green lovin' ideas.Green My Style: Top 10 Valentine's Day gifts for men by Jennifer Butler
"Valentines Day is nearly upon us and we all know how difficult it can be to buy for men. For all those who are worried about last minute gifts, we have put together a selection of treats for your man, from bicycle chain bottle openers to solar powered portable speakers."

HuffPost Green: Valentine's Day: The Animal Loves Of Our Lives (PHOTOS)
"Boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers and spouses may come and go, but your pets are always there for you. In honor of Valentine's Day, we'd like to recognize that love comes in many forms, and Valentine's Day can be about more than just typical romance."

Inhabitat: Luvmuds: Seed Hearts for Valentine's Day! by Olivia Chen
"Wondering how to express your budding love for a fellow dirt aficionado? Try a soil and nutrient packed Luvmud by architecture and strategic consulting firm, super-interesting!"

The Chic Ecologist: Valentines Day Organic Equal Exchange Coffee and Chocolate Love Pairing by Jean-Paul LaCount
"Valentines day is nearing and what better way to wake up with your love than with a coffee and chocolate pairing. It'll get your heart racing and your euphoric feelings jump started (we all know the love euphoria properties of chocolate)."

The Goode Life: Benign Objects Love Coupon Book by Arcadia Máximo
"Here's a cute and fun DIY project I found over at Benign Objects, it's a printable coupon-filled matchbook. You can do it your self or pick some ready made over at her Etsy store."

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