December 3rd: Global March For The Climate

On December 3rd (in two days), international demonstrations on climate change will take place. Plans for the demonstrations were made at the World Social Forum in January of last year and the goal was for them to coincide with the Montréal Climate Conference. "We intend synchronised demonstrations around the world - in as many places as possible - to press for urgent action on climate change and directed, in particular against the Bush administration in the US for its failure to ratify Kyoto. [...] These demonstrations demand that the USA and Australia ratify the Kyoto Protocol immediately, and that the entire world community move as rapidly as possible to a stronger emissions reductions treaty that will be both equitable and effective in stabilising 'greenhouse' gases and preventing dangerous climate change." Mark your calendars: Saturday, December 3rd. For more information: ::International Demonstrations on Climate Change, ::Global March for the Climate, ::Montreal: UN Climate Change Conference Opens Today, ::Montreal 2005: Kyoto Protocol Now has Some Teeth