Decatur High School Principal Rides His Bike

In the random role-model category, we found this little inspirational story about Mike Ward, a high school principal who decided to ride his bike to work. When people in position of authority take initiatives like that and are not afraid of "how it will look", it makes the alternatives to our car-driven world more acceptable to others who are afraid to be "early adopters" and break the ice themselves. At first, Mr. Ward's coworkers didn't believe him, his students thought it was weird ("I thought it was really funny. A principal is supposed to be this tough guy, and here he is riding his bike to class. I could only imagine him parking it in the bicycle rack."), but he did it anyway and now many students are considering following his lead (although, sadly, no one had at the time the article was written). Ride on, Mr. Principal!

::Decatur High School head rides bike to class, via ::Cyclelicious