Dear China: Engaging the Country in a Greener Future


Created by Ci (that's Conscientious Innovation, a sustainability marketing group in Vancouver, BC), is a virtual sounding board for a green future in China. As the site self-describes itself, " is about engagement. It's about recognizing the fact that China will play a major role in determining the possibility for a sustainable world. It's not about criticism. This is an opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings and concerns; a chance to shed a little light on the fact we didn't get it right in the West, and in our pursuit of bigger, faster, softer, more we gave up more than we had bargained for."

Here's how it works: you go to the site, and, after checking out what other folks have said, leave your own thoughts for going green, going forward. After being manually translated, the English and Chinese version show up next to each other on the site (as pictured above -- it takes about 24 hours for each post to show up now, but they're looking into a faster, automated version); as more and more ideas get left, it'll become not just a collection of random ideas, but a real way forward that can be applied by more than just one country.

Our favorite so far: "You invented paper, fireworks, the kite, scissors, the compass… innovation is at the heart of your culture. Be part of the solution, not the problem. Help create a bright green, efficient, profitable future - one that we can all live with." -- Jason M. Leave your ideas at ::Dear China

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