De Smog Blog on Tar Sands, Inhabitat Loves Wine Cask Hotel, TeensyGreen Goes to the Carnival, and More

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De Smog Blog: Are Canada's Tar Sands in Peril? by Mitchell Anderson
"Stephen Harper could be in for rude awakening. For years, he has been dealing with likeminded climate change deniers in the Bush Administration who were only too happy to buy as much oil from the filthy Alberta tar sands as they could get their hands on.Feeling The Fear: Sustainability vs. Scientology. Can you spot the difference? by Lea Simpson
"Sometimes, just sometimes, I can’t help but think the sustainability world (and by that I really mean those at the forefront of the most progressive ‘new green’ thinking) let themselves down by allowing their passion to undermine their good sense."

Green Talk Radio: Building an On-Campus Eco-Fashion Business with Factory Green by Sean Daily
"GreenTalk host Sean Daily talks with Daniel Lyons and Jack Short of Factory Green, a purveyor of eco-friendly, fashion-forward apparel, accessories, and apartment wares, provides socially and environmentally aware consumers with an expressive way to live green."

Inhabitat: Incredible Hotel Made From Salvaged Wine Casks by Alexandra Kain
"Ever fallen asleep alongside a good glass of French wine? How about inside a cask of good French wine? The De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel in the Netherlands salvaged four wine casks from Switzerland and converted them into rooms."

TeensyGreen: Carnival of the Green #162! by Stefani
"It’s finally here! Over a year ago, I signed up to host TreeHugger’s Carnival of the Green, and I’m thrilled to finally feature it here. For me, Carnival of the Green brings to light so many blogs I may have never found in the big sea of green writing. I hope you find some new favorite sites this week!"

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