'Days of Our Lives' Shows Eco-wedding


Green really does seem to be cropping up everywhere these days. We only posted our guide on How To Green Your Wedding a couple of weeks ago, and now we hear that Days of Our Lives, the popular US soap, recently featured an eco-wedding as characters Sami and Lucas said 'I do'. Now this author is not much of a TV watcher, and has never seen the show, but we're pleased to see that green is entering such a mainstream setting. The show's website is using this opportunity to spread the word among fans with green-minded tips, and is asking viewers to make donations to charity in lieu of gifts [Do people really send wedding gifts to soap characters!!!???]. We shan't get too excited - this is hardly the televized revolution, but it is another sign of the mainstreaming of green. As Lloyd noted here, small steps of the kind advocated by Days of Our Lives will not save the world, but they can lead to increased comprehension and greater political will to act. Now we just have to make sure sustainability really does become a paradigm shift, not just a novel storyline for TV soaps... ::Days of Our Lives:: Via PR Web::