Daydreaming Students Discovering Sustainable Community Design


We're not sure what led them to do it, but for kids from Robin Hood Primary and Nursery School in Mansfield Woodhouse, England, staring out the window finally paid off. It all started as they were fascinated by a new development of affordable homes being built next to their school, and now they're getting the chance to design their own in conjunction with help from Bellway East Midlands and Meden Valley Making Places (MVMP), a non-profit group dedicated to helping develop affordable properties and better environmental integration of those communities. The idea is for pupils to learn about incorporating green spaces and the like into communities by planning, designing and making models of their ideal homes that can give them an understanding of regeneration and environmental issues surrounding new housing communities. And as we've pointed out before with posts on innovative ideas like salad bars in schools, an urban farm floating in the Hudson River of NY, and even kids creating shoes of hope in the fight against climate change, the more kids can get involved in understanding and protecting the planet the better off their future will be.