David Suzuki's Eco-Friendly Office Tactics

David Suzuki Foundation

A few months ago we wrote about David Suzuki's Nature Challenge, a 10-step program to reduce your ecological footprint without making major lifestyle changes (not that we have anything against major changes, but the 10 steps are a good start). The latest edition of the Nature Challenge is about making the office more eco-friendly. We encourage you to check it out and sign up for the David Suzuki Foundation newsletter. Speaking of which...TreeHugger.com is the first blog to be recommended in the David Suzuki newsletter. We're honored!


On a more personal note, I've been reading David Suzuki's second autobiography (he wrote the first one when he was 50, and he's now 70 years old - lots of stuff has happened in the past 20 years) and it is very interesting so far. I recommend it.