David Letterman and Elon Musk Play Electric Car Good Cop/Bad Cop

david letterman elon musk tesla model s

You Can Also Get the "Elon Musk" Fragrance...
Below is the video of Elon Musk on youtube, and it's pretty effective as a commercial for electric cars (except the part where Letterman doesn't seem to understand that the Volt's total range is more than 40 miles) with Elon Musk of Tesla Motors playing the good cop, and David Letterman playing the angry EV fan. If you're in NYC, the Tesla Model S is still on display at the Plaza Hotel today and tomorrow.

You know what's cool? The studio audience going "aaaaaah!" when the Model S is shown. Much better to have electric cars that make people go "aaaaaah!" than "meh!"... We take that for granted now, but not so long ago that's the reflex that people had when you mentioned electric cars.

Via Autobloggreen
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