David de Rothschild and The Real Cost of Living (Video)

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David de Rothschild is up to more than the upcoming adventure on the Plastiki. He also has a show on the Sundance Channel coming out called Eco Trip: The Real Cost of Living. While at a screening of the show in San Francisco last night, he stopped to talk with us about consumables and environmental activism. Click through for video. Eco Trip is a show starting up on the Sundance Channel, in which David de Rothschild explores exactly what impact things we take for granted in daily life, like water bottles or chocolate, have on the environment. It's a fun, informative, and inspiring idea and we asked more about his thoughts on consumerism.

David on the impact of products, and thinking about what it is we're buying.

Then we asked what he'd take out of the marketplace immediately if he could (besides human beings).

And on what we need to do to make the idea behind Eco Trip part of our daily thinking.

On Tuesday, April 21st, Sundance Channel, catch the newest episodes of Eco Trip and find out the origins and environmental impact of consumables we don't often stop to really ponder.

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