David Attenborough: Once More, With Feeling


We've already alerted you to Sir David Attenborough's thoughts on global warming. In Australia, filming his new BBC TV series, Life in Cold Blood, he's taken the opportunity to air those feelings again: "All I do know is that climate change is happening, no doubt, and that's been no doubt for a long time. And I also know that humanity, human beings worldwide, are contributing to climate change. I also know that if it goes on the way it is, we are in for some very bad times. We ought now to have a worldwide change in moral attitudes that you don't waste energy, because energy is produced at a cost, and to waste it is sinful. I mean it but mad as well." When he's spent 50 of his 80 years passionately broadcasting about life on earth, it would seem fair to suggest he knows a little something of what he says. Via ::The World Today.

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