Daryl Hannah Launches New Weekly Eco Vlog: Dh Lovelife


She has friendly chats about biodiesel with Fox’s venomous Bill O’Reilly, was the keynote speaker at this year’s Natural Products Expo West, helped kick off World Water Day in Rwanda, and has been conducting clandestine missions to far away places freeing young girls from human trafficking rings. Superhero? There is that possibility. One of the newest tools in Daryl Hannah's utility belt is dh lovelife, a weekly video blog that highlights colorful stirrings in the green community. Each weekly installment tackles broad issues in a brief format that is easy to swallow and assimilates well.Rather than trying to blow the minds of greenie insiders, Hannah is looking to bring pressing issues and creative solutions onto the radar of the ecologically unaware or inactivated. "I would like this to speak to everyone who is vaguely interested in a healthier lifestyle but doesn't know much about it," Daryl says, “people who think it's scary, people who are interested in alternatives but don't know where to begin." Dh lovelife picks up enticing topics like vegan junkfood pioneers and a pro skateboarder with a passion for organic farming. Daryl Hannah loves life. We love Daryl Hannah. Everything just might turn out alright. :: dh lovelife