Danny Seo, Eco-Stylist

He shows you how to live green with style. We show you how to live green with style. Could Danny Seo be a long-lost TreeHugger relation? The eco-stylist who's editor-at-large for Organic Style is fast becoming a Martha Stewart for the young, green crowd. A few years back......he released his book Conscious Style Home, where he renovated his parents' house with bamboo flooring, recycled glass tiles, recycled paint, and the like. Now he's working on SuperNatural Style With Danny Seo, a soon-to-be cable TV series on eco-friendly living. He's doing everything he can to convince the unconverted that it's chic to be eco-friendly, including harnessing the power of celebrity (Paris Hilton wore one of his anti-fur T-shirts and Abercrombie & Fitch picked it up for their line). His consumer philosophy, he says in a Grist interview, isn't "buy more," but "buy right," and he wants to tell you what's out there so you can. Like I said, this is our kinda guy.

His website will let you know when the show launches, and so will we. Quick, while Martha's not looking! ::Outside Online, ::USATODAY.com [by KK]