Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage

When a village has a name like "Dancing Rabbit" you just know its gonna be good. If I could split into two selves, and live another life simultaneously, I would pack my spartan belongings and head down to Missouri to live a life without care on the prairie, unafraid to wear vivid colors in the daylight. This is how I picture Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage — please do not disillusion me. Look at the welcome sign for goodness sakes! There's a dancing rabbit right on there — tell me good times are not just around the corner.Here is how one resident, Amy, describes it:
Dancing Rabbit is an ecovillage in Missouri made up of cooperating communities, individuals and families that make ecological sustainability a priority in our lives. We use alternative and renewable energy (solar and wind), build strawbale homes, practice organic gardening, eat bioregionally, make decisions by consensus, and use biodiesel, a fuel made from vegetable oil, in our vehicles.

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