Daisy Roots Kids Shoes

Daisy Roots make footwear for those little people who drag their shoes behind them, as they crawl. So their shoes need to be extra tough. But littlies have thin skin, through which nasty chemicals are readily absorbed. As we’ve noted before chromium compounds are often used to tan leather and make it durable. To avoid possible absorption or ingestion of chrome by delicate young things, Daisy Roots specify chrome-free, vegetable-dyed leather for their range of little booties. This has the added benefit to the broader environment that less heavy metals are potentially added to waterways from production and the shoes are later biodegradable without leaching chromate residues. The shoe dyes are also non-toxic. And the designs? Well, they can be bright and loud - just the way kids like ‘em. ::Daisy Roots [by WM]