Daily Tips with Ideal Bite


As soon as we went to Ideal Bite's website we knew we'd like it, especially with the subhead "a sassier shade of green." If you love Daily Candy, you'll crave Ideal Bite. Heather Stephenson and Jennifer Boulden, "aka Chief Biters," founded the site earlier this year and they've seen their number of subscribers skyrocket over the past few months. Both have backgrounds in launching web companies and a burning passion for taking "green" mainstream by sharing their advice on how to align daily decisions with personal values, but without preaching at the same time. So here's what they came up with: Subscribers can sign up for a free, daily email with advice on saving money and finding environmentally friendly products. Daily eco-tips range from food to travel to personal products and they promise to be educational yet entertaining as well. Each tip includes a personal story from one of the editors and it is ranked from 1 to 5 "apples" — 5 being easy, inexpensive and having the most impact on the world. We think these ladies are on to something. Go ahead, take a bite. ::Ideal Bite