D&A; Features Green Initiative. CALL FOR APPLICANTS.

Designers and Agents (D&A;): an international tradeshow in New York, LA, London, and Tokyo, recently launched a major initiative to promote emerging green fashion and furniture designers. D&A;'s NY and LA shows now feature a plentiful and diverse collection of green fashions, lifestyle goods, energy efficient products, and educational materials advancing personal wellbeing and global sustainability.

If you're tired of most mainstream, sprawling, yet lackluster, tradeshows then consider applying to D&A;'s upcoming LA show (June 8-10). D&A; is still accepting applications for green designers and educational exhibitors. This is an excellent chance to be part of a tradeshow with a point of view and gain recognition amongst trend-setting boutiques and other innovative designers. Apply on the D&A; wesbite, or call 212 302 9575. On May 5th I attended the D&A; NY show, where bad-boy of sustainability, Josh Dorfman, imparted his wisdom on the easiest—yet most effective—ways to be environmentally responsible. Josh shared ideas from his book, The Lazy Environmentalist and even told the crowd how he does his best thinking in the bathroom and has therefore, "aligned his daily routines" with the latest in energy and water-saving technology.
The NY show also featured an entire eco-design-only room, of which Josh was co-curator. The room included, but was not limited to such favorites as Sea Bags, and Bahar Shahpar, while Jill Danyelle proved style can be eco-friendly 365 days a year with her fiftyRX3 series installation.

Most notable was the show's holistic approach to its initiative. More than a simple marketing cliché, the NY event practiced what it preached with several subtle, yet praise-worthy, green practices. For example, sponsor FIJI, hired an outside recycling service to ensure proper waste disposal, while the café was fully equipped with biodegradable plates and utensils. The event was held in natural light and I even noticed maintenance personnel using Method cleaning supplies in the bathroom. Nice!

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