Cyclisk: Making Art Out of Bicycles

cyclisk grieve photo

Image from Mark Grieve

Mark Grieve is a California sculptor who specializes in bicycle arts. He seems to delight in creating mountains, and obelisks and sculptures out of old bicycles.

This obelisk, called Cyclisk, is located on a road full of car dealerships and is quite a comment on modes of transportation. It is made out of 340 bicycles, and one tricycle and is 65 feet tall.

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Image from gadget lab

The $37,000 piece was built with funds from Nissan, which is building a car dealership in the city of Santa Rosa. Municipal laws say that 1% of the cost of major construction projects be devoted to public art so Santa Rosa got a 10,000 lb. obelisk, as well as a huge new car salesroom....

Mark Grieve and Ilana Spector collected the hundreds of bicycles from community donations; most were unusable and abandoned, not stolen, we hope. He calls it "an intersection of ideas, so it can keep growing with the community."

According to his partner in this project, Ilana Spector, "Collecting unusable parts from the debris piles of nonprofit community bike projects has proven to be a win-win; community bike DIY places are thrilled unusable parts are not becoming land fill and the City is psyched the sculpture will solidify Santa Rosa as bike-friendly." One obelisk doesn't make a city bike-friendly but hopefully it will raise awareness.

arch cycle photo

Images from Mark Grieve

Other works include arches and walls and fences made out of the cycle wheels and other bicycle parts. These are situated in various cities in California.

front door photo

Image from Mark Grieve: Ilana Spector

This might be the perfect gift for a fanatic cyclist: a sculpture to fit over the front door. This one is on a house in Santa Barbara, California.

bike arch photo

This bike arch was created for a festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

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