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Threadflip provides another way to discover, buy, and sell used women's fashion and accessories, right from your smartphone.

Want to clean out your closet and make some cash? Want to find and buy affordable used designer clothing and accessories for yourself or as a gift? You could head down to your local consignment store to do both of those, but if you'd rather do it from the comfort of your own home, then this marketplace could be just the ticket.

Giving your gently-used fashion items a second life by selling it to someone who will wear and love it as much as you not only stretches its usefulness, but can help you recoup some of the cost, which can then go toward replenishing your wardrobe. And while you're at it, you can refresh your closet with some new (to you) items, without paying full price, all from your smartphone.

Threadflip's online marketplace provides an outlet for buying and selling "pre-loved" women's clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories, in effect turning your closet into a boutique where others can shop, and converting your phone into a store where you can browse and buy items right from your couch.

"Threadflip is a social marketplace for buying, selling, and discovering new, unique, and pre-loved fashion. With a few clicks, users can upload images of pieces straight from their closet, and sell clothing, shoes, bags, and jewelry they no longer wear." - Threadflip

Threadflip offers two different tiers of selling, one for the DIY type who wants full control over photographing and listing her items (along with earning the highest commissions), and the other (Full Service) for those who want to save time and energy by letting a professional take care of the entire process.

With the Full Service option, members can send their unwanted items to Threadflip (at no cost), where the team of professionals will photograph and list them on the site, making it simple and quick to get their clothes and accessories on the market, while still netting users up to 80% of the selling price.

According to Threadflip, the community there loves:

  • Women's clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, and accessories (sorry, men and children)
  • Recent styles from top designers
  • Items that are clean and freshly laundered (no stained or damaged items)
  • Items that are new or in excellent condition (but no underwear, cosmetics, or non-fashion items)
  • Authentic items (no replicas, discount, or "fast fashion" items)

Along with free shipping to Threadflip for Full Service sellers, the company also offers free returns on Full Service items through the end of the year. Find out more, or sign up, at Threadflip, or download the free Android or iPhone app.

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