Cutest Stop Motion Videos Briefly Explain the Concepts Behind the Solidarity Economy

Still From 'Housing Collective' Video by Taller Canoa for Solidarity NYC ImageMejunjeando/Video screen capture

Invited by Solidarity NYC, the Buenos Aires based collective Taller Canoa created these beautifully crafted stop motion videos which briefly explain concepts related to the solidarity or sharing economy, a subject we've covered extensively.

They were intended to be used at the BMW Guggenheim Lab which took place during NYC's Urban Design Week last September.

Animations were done by local Buenos Aires artists Pablo Cabrera, Julian Gatto and Maricel Nowacki from Taller Canoa, and Mercedes Villalba. They're worth a look, and can come in handy if you're looking to explain these concepts to friends. More at Solidarity NYC.

Shapes of exchange

Housing collectives


Community supported agriculture

Worker coops

Credit unions

Video credits

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