Curl up with a Good Book: Paper Back Swap


We at TreeHugger love a freebie, especially one that means something is recycled and re-used rather than thrown away. Bookcrossing and read it swap it are a couple of book swapping sites that have been mentioned on TreeHugger before. Now check out Paper Back Swap.

Its a book swapping club run by real folk, who wanted to find a way of trading paperbacks with each other through the US mail. This is how it works, you receive a credit for every book you mail out. You can list as many books as you like, and the more books you mail to other members, the more credits you get.

With over a million books listed by members on the site it looks like an excellent readers resource! Only for inside the US though - let us know if you have something similar near you. ::paper back swap Image: Flickr [The books from Paper Back Swap don't necessarily look like the books on that picture. Most are probably in good condition, but in this case, it's the content that matters. -Ed.]

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